SLK Solutions

IT & Telecom Staff Augmentation

Our core service offering is providing IT staff augmentation services that help our clients to execute large-scale technology initiatives. Our deep understanding of your company’s specific requirement helps us identify the candidate that will be a perfect placement in your organization. You get tremendous flexibility to ramp up or slow down your team size depending upon the project requirements while SLK Consultancy manages the consultant contracts. Our capabilities of providing high quality on-demand IT staffing on contract basis enables you to prefer a perfect way to accomplish your special or seasonal projects without adding a permanent staff.

Our Services Portfolio

SLK Consultancy provide a comprehensive range of IT & Telecom project planning, implementation and maintenance services. We help our customers in designing an IT & Telecom solution to suit their business with the help of our partners. The efficiency and seamlessness of our engagements makes SLK Consultancy an excellent partner to companies looking for an integrated approach to managing all IT and operational programs.Our service and process frameworks improve operational efficiencies and business agility.